what we do

AMONG US (2015)

Among Us is a dance - movement performance for children 5+ incl. workshops, research and exhibition. Premiere 19.11.2015, Moving Station Pilsen and 5.12.2015 PONEC – Dance Venue Duration 45 min and follow-up workshop 30 min No language barrier An authorial, interactive, dance-movement performance...

From little Maggie to Magda/ Od Madlenky k Madle (2016)

From little Maggie to Magda A story of charitable hands in bad times. What does the evil in us stem from, when everybody, including the evil persons, is born as an ordinary baby. Like me. Where did this act that they became able to commit murder just because somebody regarded them as whatsoever...

M.B. Yes, I do want even if I don´t (2016)

M.B.  Ano chci I když ne (M.B.  Yes, I do want even if I don´t) Dance-creative performance The M.B.  Ano chci I když ne (M.B.  Yes, I do want even if I don´t) performance is a dance-creative project slightly inspired by the Joycean literary masterpiece and this performance...


Amor – mortale – amortale; Amortale is a three act piece with a prologue and an epilogue, inspired by the contemporary poetry of Miloš Horanský. A dance-movement journey for aging man and woman; for body, voice and shadow. Poems – stories about suspension time, desire and passing, death and...

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