Among Us/ puppet & movement

An integral part of the project is a research including creative workshops for nursery school children and elementary school pupils from the first until the sixth school year. These workshops are being organized since 2013. One of the first outputs were the answers given by hundreds of children when they were being asked questions concerning the topic „home“. About 130 answers form an audiovisual introduction to the performance itself.

I. Creative workshop before the performance Mezi námi/Among us - Chceš vstoupit do našeho příběhu/Do you want to be part of our story? (approx. 20min.)
Half an hour dedicated to creating an origami house that becomes part of the story and a memory after the performance.

II. Creative workshop at schools before the performance (45 – 90/120min.)
A thematically interconnected and linked workshop consisting of these components:
- Movement and dance, the children find out in which way they can say something through their body movements without having to use words
- Puppets, the children get to know the puppet appearing in the performance
- Creative/work, the children get to know simple paper puzzles which they finalize creatively according their ideas
- Rhythmical rather than verbal, we reflect the common experience with the children through rhythm, word plays and movements
This meeting included in the pupils´ entrance fee usually lasts one or two lessons. Usually two lecturers are moderating these workshops. The teacher is given the pedagogical teaching materials “Pedagogické listy”.

III. Creative workshop following the performance (approx. 30 min.)
This workshop stimulates the child´s phantasy through working with materials – a board with that the children can change and which even changes the space in which they can play. Gradma´s scarf in turn becomes a never-ending highway and together with the tourist-guide puppet, nobody gets lost. The second part of the workshop is composed of motivated movements in projections drawing inspiration from the Mezi námi/Among us performance. At the same time, the participants reflect their memories through experiences.