AMONG US (2015)

Among Us is a dance - movement performance for children 5+ incl. workshops, research and exhibition.

Premiere 19.11.2015, Moving Station Pilsen and 5.12.2015 PONEC – Dance Venue
Duration 45 min and follow-up workshop 30 min
No language barrier

An authorial, interactive, dance-movement performance for five performers, one puppet and two musicians based on children's drawings and the question – what does it means „home“. On the principle of children's games and origami from the paper encourages imagination, protects child's world of fantasy and emphasizes the importance of home.
Mezi námi/Among Us portrays and develops the story of many children and adults that is happening all over the world. First, we are all children and our family is our home. The adults´ home is where the adults reside, live, where they are and work. It sometimes just happens that the adults simply work too much. Sometimes the adult move from one home to another and their children are looking for the key to their new home together with their parents. Yet the home they experience during their childhood still remains in us all, hidden deep in our souls, in our heart, in our memories.

Our story is real and at the same time a fairy tale. It reflects a child's view of the world, which is then confronted with an adult's perspective. What is my dream and what is your reality? What do children see? And do adults see the same way? Among Us is a way to childhood, dreams, memories and home.

The performance is realized in cooperation with the association Tanec Praha and Ponec Dance Venue.

Trailer Among Us for the premiere:

New trailer:

Author, concept and director: Hana Strejčková
Choreographycal collaboration: Veronika Kacianová, Věra Ondrašíková
Dramaturgical collaboration: Kateřina Schwarzová
Creation and interpretation: Chinami Gentsu (JP) / Karolína Křížková and Andrea Vykysalá, Rena
Milgrom / Vendula Burger, Marie Adamová and Robert Nižník (SK) / Husam Abed (Jordan)
Music: Kuba Palys (PL), live Hearn Gadbois (USA) and DJ Buldog
Artistic conception: Hana Strejčková, Marianna Stránská, Robo Nižník, Pavlína Šimáčková
Made puppet: Sota Sakuma (JP)
Costumes: Marianna Stránská
Videoart: students of elementary schools (CZ, SK, ES, JP), Hana Strejčková, Jan Hrdlička, Michaela
Režová, Marianna Stránská, Marek Volf, Michal Vrba
Light design: Pavel Kotlík
Producer: FysioART
Coproduction: Tanec Praha / PONEC – divadlo pro tanec
Partners: Voila, 3dsense, DJBuldog, Mlejn
Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hl. město Praha, Nadace Život umělce, Japan Foundation & Japan Fest 2015, Divadelní ústav, Visegrad Fund