Amortale (concept, director, 2014)

Amor – mortale – amortale; Amortale is a three act piece with a prologue and an epilogue, inspired by the contemporary poetry of Miloš Horanský. A dance-movement journey for aging man and woman; for body, voice and shadow. Poems – stories about suspension time, desire and passing, death and love.

He is the man. She's the woman. He is she, she is him. They are the body, the bodies. The body of a man. And woman's body. The human body on the axis of time. Amorous. Shapeable. Also wrinkled. And fatal. Both infinite in their tenderness and cruelty.
How long rises remembrance than taps on the surface?

Pour over the six cups until we enter so meekly like the color to the tea.




Creative team:

Concept, dramaturgy and directing: Hana Strejčková

Choreography and interpration: Jiří Lössl a Radana Kodetová

Choreographycal cooperation: Juni Endo

Dance cooperation: Barbora Látalová

Voice: Miloš Horanský

Piano: Najponk

Light: Robert Štěpánek

Costume cooperation: Lucia Račková

Artist: Martin Sausage Dohnal

Production: Dana Nekardová