From little Maggie to Magda/ Od Madlenky k Madle (2016)

From little Maggie to Magda

A story of charitable hands in bad times.

What does the evil in us stem from, when everybody, including the evil persons, is born as an ordinary baby.

Like me.

Where did this act that they became able to commit murder just because somebody regarded them as whatsoever come from.

Why? Ma? Gimme your hand. Where are you?!


Heartwarming stories told right away, stories maybe about the the utmost toll having been taken - remembrances of good people in bad times, the question remains clear - where does evil come from? And why?

Without vision - radio play/ without sound - pictures from 1919 – 1945.


The chamber play From little Maggie to Magda is based on a true story and on a literary source, on the radio broadcasting onsets and black-and-white movie origins, all of which is being narrated by theatre of objects, creative theatre and physical theatre addressing the era from 1919 until the spring of 1945. This era that has been tense not only as far as our history is concerned, is being recalled by pictures, shadows, plays and playfullness, metaphors. The storyline is arranged along the story of a baby girl, her family, neighbours and strangers of different religions whose charitable hands accompany her along her journey through the war.


Author and directed by: Hana Strejčková

Performing: Vendula Burger, Hana Strejčková
Artistic supervision: Anna Polívková

Professional cooperation (history): Jana Pálková

Cooperation on sound: L'non, Hearn Gadbois

Stage setting: Hana Strejčková

Technical cooperation: L´non, Tomáš Strejček

Production manager: FysioART

Photographer: Ivo Šafus, Ronald Hilmar, Geir Brungot

Suported by: Hlavní město Praha, Nová síť, Městské divadlo Varnsdorf, Ministerstvo kultury ČR

Premiere (date and place): 26.8.2016 Municipal Theatre Varnsdorf

Duration: 56 min + 15 min discussion

Accompanying workshops and discussions for teenagers 11+, 15+ and older.


The performance was created during the residency program supported by Nová síť at the Municipal Theatre Varnsdorf.