M.B. Yes, I do want even if I don´t

M.B.  Ano chci I když ne (M.B.  Yes, I do want even if I don´t)

Dance-creative performance for not only women

The M.B. Ano chci I když ne (M.B.  Yes, I do want even if I don´t) performance is a dance-creative project slightly inspired by the Joycean literary masterpiece and this performance mingles dance composed of thousands of words and a pinch of colours intertwined with night-shades. Insomnia portrayed multifaceitously – through dance, ink and paintbrush, photography, words, music. Shared insomnia and Molly Bloom question marks as a starting point.

A lady´s nocturnal confession when she hangs up words on the nightly sky instead of the extinct or fallen stars. A play relating the immeasurability of a woman´s soul. A story narrated by dance, movements, words and music as well as painting, a tale of a quite ordinary woman – a woman that would resemble almost any woman in this world, yet at the same time, if we look at all this closely, it´s all about one woman, a unique personality.

I, you, she, we, you, they, these women, those women, the same women