The Star Rovers

What do you wish for when you see a star falling? To go and look for it together. Travellers touring the stars is an interactive theatre play for all young and old viewers who are not afraid to follow their dreams and go on an adventure. It is about the power of friendship and the desire to find own place in the world. Adventurous story for all little and older children and their parents about the difficult journey following one’s dreams.



For children from 4 years old.

Concept, direction: Hana Strejčková
Music: Live Michal Müller
Art concept: Hana Strejčková and Heda Bayer
Projection: Michaela Režová, Filip Novák, Eliška Vojtková, Marek Volf
Costumes: Eva Matkuliaková, Poutníci
Stage design co-operation: Honza Tomšů
Light: L’Non – Jiří Maleňák, Niels Doucet
Puppet: Sota Sakuma and Actors: Eva Stará, Karolína Křížková, Andrea Benková, Andrej Lyga, Anna Strejčková, Filip Novák, Andreas Hüttner

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The city of Prague, Varnsdorf, Czech-German Future Fund, Elite, Taupunkt Chemnitz
Co-production: Městské divadlo Varnsdorf

Premiere: 4. 11. 2018, Varnsdorf Municipal Theater + 3.12. Chemnitz Komplex

45 minutes, no language barrier (czech & english introduction)